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kurivolt said: Matt, is Heaven between your legs? Because I've got my head in the clouds.

Yes, she is, but I’ll tell her to stop if you need help getting down.

Luis drew me as my spirit animal.

kurivolt said: -hands you Shelby's butt- It's 100% Jail-bait free!

A fine butt, indeed. This pleases me. I shall prepare a place for it.


To all you… livestream people.

You know who you are. I have a message for you.



So I wake up to four messages, which is the most I’ve ever had at one time. I’m pretty shocked until I find out the contents of the messages. One was for the numbers thing from before, but these three……..

Am I about to wake up tired, groggy, and murderous?

I’m also tagging Luis because there is NO WAY he’s not also involved. And I’ve not even looked yet…..

EDIT: Oh look, my name showed up in a couple tags. I am honor-bound to check those, at least.

oh. Sorry. D: How did it all go then?

Hasn’t happened yet. They’re in town at a hotel, and we’re moving out tomorrow morning. I got to hang out with a couple of people today, but I was a little bit disappointed when one of my best friends chose not to hang out with me on the last day that I would be in town for possibly ever but instead play League of Legends.

Oh well. I’m going to be too busy sleeping and packing and listening to my parents complain about my stuff to worry about that. I don’t think I’m going to enjoy tomorrow that much. >_>

Just keep calm! You can do this!

I wasn’t panicking. I was just sort of pissed. They never do anything until I have plans, and then they surprise me by wrecking them. It’s just frustrating.

xD Yes. BTW…have you read that reblog I made? it’s a WTF-Fanfiction post…I think I met something that even stumped my shipping powers.

Yeah, I saw it.