My small tale

When I first heard about homestuck, I was still well into the Hetalia fandom and all the drama was getting to me. I long proclaimed that I wouldn’t read homestuck because it was boring and long to me. So my friend told me about it. I would ask about it and he would explain it to me the best he could. He would always tell me to read it, I still refused.

After awhile, I saw a certain AMV with the song Let’s See how Far We’ve Come, I showed it to him and he finally he pushed me to read it. I got up to date in four days. I got attached to all these characters, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I was hooked.

I’ve cried more over the The Last Sermon than I have ever about a man fighting for equality. Homestuck, as a writer made me feel that story telling is truly an art full of an infinity of possibility’s. My friend and I grew closer, we laughed over jokes, shared theories and rip apart each others. We have both fanboy/fangirled at the same time. I have been opened to a world that never ceases to amaze me. Homestuck helped give me one of the closes relationships I’ve ever had because everyone bullied me in middle school and to have meet to people who are just as crazy as me, made me truly happy. I have paranoia, which can eat your mind and make you question everything until you lose lose it completely. Thanks to Homestuck I was able to focus that into theories and it helped me stop worrying about ‘Is that person trying throw something at me?’ or ‘Is there something watching me all the time?’.

The characters no matter who they are, give me a reason to care about them, love or hate. I can’t tell you how many times Homestuck has given me reasons to create something new and fresh, if I ever meet Andrew Hussie I would cry, feeling so unworthy.

Hussie, if you ever read these just know-

You created friendships

Stopped suicides

Made people get married

Bonded people from all over the world

And you’ve made this girl feel like each day is an update and you will never know what you’ll get. If there is a god, I hope it blesses you, just as much you blessed us.

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